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Our Expertise

ICP is specialised in the fields of waste technology, waste management, contaminated sites, building refurbishment, geotechnics, project management, environmental planning, and further education. Many of our projects deal with tasks related to waste management, landfill construction, and contaminated sites, including all overlaps between these fields.

In recent years, ICP has increasingly been consulted for waste management issues in tunnel construction and waste treatment in Germany and abroad. We work on all areas of responsibility with our typical interdisciplinary expertise, from site investigations and contaminated site assessments to design and approval planning, all the way to commissioning, across the fields of geology, engineering, and environmental sciences.


Waste and Resource Management

  • Waste management concepts and plans
  • Material flow management and soil management
  • Collection, transport and transfer stations
  • Waste analyses
  • Recycling yards and waste treatment plants
  • Recycling of industrial residues
  • Landfill technology

Environmental and Nature Protection

  • Environmental impact studies and assessments
  • Life cycle assessments and hazard assessments
  • Environmental construction supervision and project supervision
  • Soil monitoring during construction
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Tree inspections

Contaminated sites

  • Historical and technical surveys and explorations
  • Hazard assessments
  • Restoration and safeguarding concepts and planning

Drainage systems

  • Survey and condition assessment of drainage systems
  • Concept development for the exploration and investigation of drainage systems
  • Sewer data collection programme (PIPEX), sewer register, sewer database
  • Planning and construction supervision of rehabilitation work on drainage systems



  • Accredited third-party testing in landfill construction for mineral building materials and geosynthetics as well as asphalt
  • Self-testing in landfill construction
  • Quality assurance in earthworks
  • Soil physics laboratory tests
  • Carrying out waste and environmental chemical investigations
  • Geotechnical investigations and site investigation in landfill construction
  • Geological and hydrogeological investigations
  • Carrying out FID inspections further environmental investigations at landfills


International waste management

  • Preparation and review of waste management concepts and plans Collection, transport and transfer stations
  • Waste analyses
  • Recycling yards and waste treatment plants
  • Recycling of industrial residues and operational waste concepts
  • Landfill technology
  • Establishing contacts in developing and emerging countries for the purpose of technology transfer and exports
  • Training, strategic promotion and education of local staff abroad


Building in the existing fabric

  • Deconstruction and disposal concepts
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Investigation of contaminated sites in the subsoil (soil, groundwater) and remediation of building pollutants (asbestos, KMF, PAH, PCB, etc.)
  • Safety and health protection


Seminars & Further Training

  • Guidance on waste management planning through workshops and guides
  • Organisation of specialist seminars for members of the authorities, planners and operators of waste facilities
  • Practical and theoretical training of personnel from landfill operations
  • Organisation of delegation trips in the field of waste and contaminated sites to developing and emerging countries for the purpose of technology transfer and export promotion.


Expertise of the M&P Group

Competence, Innovation and reliability are the essential pillars of the M&P Group. Innovative services for the customer are at the heart of everything we do. That is why we are successful with our vision to be the leading German engineering company and why we are constantly developing to stay true to our vision. Why we do this? Because we want to create a better future with our engineering services!


M&P Group


Around 600 employees work in the M&P Group on the vision for a better future in the areas of Environment, water, soil, geotechnics, construction and development. With our numerous branches, we are always close to our customers, making us one of the largest family-run engineering service providers in Germany.


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