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Surface sealing of the "Ittersbach" landfill site, Karlsruhe district
Intermediate sealing, Hennau landfill, Neue Halberg-Guss GmbH
Rehabilitation of a leachate shaft KG Stockstadt landfill site
Remediation of "Balger Straße" old landfill site City of Baden-Baden
Deconstruction of the former IBM headquarters in Frankfurt/ Main
Environmental impact assessment of the "Litzholz" domestic waste landfill site
Extension of an escape staircase historic Irsee Monastery
New Porsche Centre Kempten (Allgäu)
Holistic rehabilitation of the drainage system at Morgenstern landfill site, Goslar district
Deconstruction concept, tendering, supervision of pollutant remediation, gutting, blasting, construction of excavation pit with special foundation engineering
Calculation of CO2 footprint Scope 1 / 2 / 3 , selection of suitable offset projects
CO2 footprints for 3 locations in Germany
CO2 footprint and ESG report for the group including approx. 10 independent GmbHs in Germany
CO2 footprints for 2 locations in Jena (D) and Jeřmanice (CZE)
Project management B-plan procedure "Semiramis industrial estate
Project development commercial park - Zum Schleusenpark, Datteln
Construction of a multifunctional sealing system at the Ihlenberg landfill site
Environmental due diligence ("quick check") for a land development near Hamburg
Approval procedure for the capacity expansion of a zinc smelter
Central Station-Magdeburg "Ernst-Reuter-Allee
Groundwater flow model Potsdam-Mitte
Jänschwalde large-scale hydrogeological model
Wind farm Krummensee 3 - Hydrological report for early CEF measure
Surface sealing Duisburg Hochfeld
Kanonenberg landfill
Superstructure Schleyerhofweg landfill site
Self-monitoring of Castrop-Rauxel landfill
Closure of the former Colonia landfill and new development
Extension, new construction and conversion measures, Wunstorf airfield
Expansion of the Kiel Canal, test field exploration for explosive ordnance
Grasbrook district development
Versmannkai East, site clearance BF 102-110
Conversion of the former BW Hospital Rostrup, Bad Zwischenahn
Supplementary Detailed Investigation of the Contaminated Site Risk of the Hastedter Osterdeich Property in Bremen
Orientation investigation (Phase IIa) of the Bad Arolsen site shooting range, Bad Arolsen
Historical exploration of the former Kurhessen barracks, Hann. Münden
Orientation investigation of old deposits in Tündern
Orientation investigations of the "Wustrow Z3" drilling mud pit
BV Deconstruction Muskator Works Düsseldorf
BV Deconstruction Märkisches Zentrum Berlin
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