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16th Seminar Building in Existing Contexts
17 April 2024

Venue: Haus am Dom, Great Hall (u.V.) Frankfurt a.M. and online livestream


ICP Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH - Karlsruhe
Sievert Baustoffe SE & Co. KG / tubag - Kruft
Monitoring Association Building for Environmental Protection - Mainz

For some years now, "building in existing buildings" has been developing beyond the noticeable trend and is now a real reality in urban construction projects. There are many reasons for this. As a result, building in existing structures has become an important topic for experts from a wide range of specialisms and disciplines.

Individual architects and engineers are unlikely to have all the necessary expertise in this complex field. For this reason, a team of experts is needed who can master the challenges in the entire field of refurbishment and upgrading. This series of seminars is therefore not dedicated to a specific topic, but is intended to shed light on the constraints and interdependencies of a wide range of disciplines, particularly in the field of refurbishment and upgrading, and to enable participants to look beyond their own area of specialisation. The wide-ranging programme not only makes it possible to exchange ideas, but also to train one's own view of the interrelationships.

The subtitle of the seminar - "Bauen im Bestand-ein interdisziplinäres Arbeitsfeld" - also reflects the diversity of the topics covered. This diversity is also well reflected in this seminar by the variety of topics. We hope that with this selection we have put together a programme of lectures that will be of interest to you and would be delighted to welcome you.

Our topics (among others):
  • Laser scanning
  • Building pollutants
  • Carbon concrete
  • Heat pumps
  • Project examples Building in existing buildings
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