Sustainable. For Safety and Remediation

  • Historical and tech­ni­cal sur­veys and investigations
  • Risk assess­ment
  • Concepts and plans con­cer­ning reme­dia­ti­on and safety
  • Disposal con­cepts and dis­po­sal manage­ment for was­te, (con­ta­mi­na­ted) soil exca­va­ti­on and demo­li­ti­on debris
  • Planning, con­struc­tion super­vi­si­on and qua­li­ty assuran­ce in selec­ti­ve dismantling

From the very begin­ning in 1991 ICP has been collec­ting expe­ri­ence in prac­ti­cal pro­jects as well as state-of-the- art sci­en­ti­fic fin­dings con­cer­ning soil and ground­wa­ter pol­lu­ti­on. Our expert inves­ti­ga­ti­ons of con­ta­mi­na­ted sites pro­vi­de an excel­lent basis for both the assess­ment of con­ta­mi­na­ted sites as well as for the drawing up of cost-effective reme­dia­ti­on and safe­ty con­cepts. Our clear objec­ti­ve is the sus­tai­ned pro­tec­tion and res­to­ra­ti­on of soil and ground water quality.

ICP has been com­mis­sio­ned with the reme­dia­ti­on plan­ning for con­ta­mi­na­ted was­te depo­sits in the Balger Strasse in Baden-Baden. At pre­sent this is one of the most exten­si­ve reme­dia­ti­on pro­jects cur­r­ent­ly recei­ving sup­port from the con­ta­mi­na­ted was­tes reme­dia­ti­on fund in Baden- Württemberg.

In the manage­ment of con­ta­mi­na­ted demo­li­ti­on debris from the buil­ding indus­try, we gua­ran­tee envi­ron­ment­al­ly bene­fi­cial and cost-effective opti­mum solu­ti­ons con­cer­ning the dis­mant­ling of buil­dings, roads or runways.

ICP is excel­lent­ly equip­ped as far as the manage­ment of con­ta­mi­na­ted debris from the con­struc­tion indus­try is con­cer­ned: expe­ri­en­ced per­son­nel plan and super­vi­se the envi­ron­ment­al­ly favoura­ble and cost-effective dis­mant­ling of buil­dings, roads or run­ways respectively.