Business Objectives of ICP mbH

To maxi­mize our effi­ci­ency and per­for­mance, we choose to strive towards com­mon objec­ti­ves. All hirar­chy levels con­tri­bute equally to achieve our well known and publicly decla­red objectives.
ICPs busi­ness objec­ti­ves are:

  • To deli­ver best vale for money at maxi­mum efficiency
  • To con­ti­nue to obtain inte­res­ting and eco­no­mi­c­ally attrac­tive natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal projects
  • To com­plete rewar­ding pro­jects to the full satis­fac­tion of our clients
  • To work goal and topic ori­en­ted and to live an honest, open­min­ded rela­ti­ons­hip with cli­ent and amongst ourselves
  • To create a joy­ful and moti­vat­ing working atmo­s­phere which maxi­mi­zes our per­for­mance and our health on long terms
  • Constant expan­sion of our com­pany without com­pri­mi­sing on the abi­lity of the com­pany to adjust its structure
  • To reward ICP employees at fair terms for their con­tri­bu­tion to an eco­no­mic sucess of the company
  • To become the lea­ding German com­pany for engi­nee­ring ser­vices wit­hin the field of waste manage­ment, land­fill engi­nee­ring and site reme­dia­tion both natio­nally and inter­na­tio­nally until the year 2016.

These objec­ti­ves have their star­ting point in the initial inten­tion in the course of the estab­lish­ment of the com­pany. They have been put into words by Gerd Burkhardt and Dr. Thomas Egloffstein in 2006.