Forward Looking. For Ecological and Economical Cycles.

  • Drawing up concepts and plans for waste management
  • Support in privatisation of waste management
  • Development of PPP models and feasibility studies
  • Carrying out environmental compatibility tests
  • Cost consideration and determining waste disposal fees

ICP is actively working on the development of waste prevention, reduction, recycling and elimination, towards an ecologically and economically forward-looking closed loop recycling management: we plan and monitor all activities which are concerned both with industrial and commercial waste as well as waste from the services sector, waste from households and public sectors waste such as roads and parks.

In future waste management will be more strongly integrated in comprehensive materials management. We are convinced that effective and long-term waste reduction by waste prevention can only be achieved with this type of recycling management. In Germany this process of protection of the environment and its resources is exemplary. For this reason we see it not only as an opportunity but also as an obligation to transfer our extensive knowledge in this area to other countries beyond our own borders.

Since 1991 ICP has been following developments in waste management, which in the last few decades has undergone drastic changes. For ICP waste management today means the entire range of all activities and tasks which are connected with the prevention, reduction, recycling and elimination of waste.