Narrative description of Project

Provision of a waste manage­ment study to improve the waste manage­ment sys­tem in the case of Client’s faci­li­ties loca­ted in the West Qurna, North Rumaila, Zubair and South Ramaila oil fields, Iraq. The main infra­st­ruc­ture instal­la­ti­ons wit­hin the scope of the pro­ject are: gas com­pres­sion sta­ti­ons, gas plants and the LPG/condensate terminals.

Approx. value of the con­tract (in cur­rent US$ or Euro): 261,475 US$
Country: Iraq, Location wit­hin coun­try: Basrah area
Name of Client: Basrah Gas Company
Start date (month/year): 06/2013
Completion date (month/year):ongoing

The key project objectives are:

  • to deve­lop a waste manage­ment plan which shall be used to estab­lish a base­line sui­ta­ble for deve­lo­ping an envi­ron­men­tal manage­ment plan and later inclu­sion in any Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment(s) – ESHIA(s)
  • train the Client’s envi­ron­men­tal depart­ment to exe­cute the plan

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: Tasks carried out by ICP

  • Waste inven­tory – desk­top assessment
  • Review exis­ting waste manage­ment prac­ti­ces on the gas extrac­tion plat­forms in the Basrah region
  • Identification and assess­ment of waste treatment/ dis­po­sal faci­li­ties in the region
  • Identify pro­jec­ted waste streams (and volumes)
  • Preparation of a waste register
  • Preparation of pro­po­sals for upgrading the exis­ting facilities;
  • Identification of Waste Management (WM) opti­ons and option analysis
  • Development of a Waste Management Plan
  • Preparation of WM trai­ning materials
  • Project tech­ni­cal reporting