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Waste-to-Resources 2019

8th international conference and exhibition on mechanical biological waste treatment (MBT/AWT), waste sorting and recycling technology, 14th to 16th of May 2019 in Hanover, Germany

Raw materials and energy from waste

From 2019 this will be a joint event of Was­te­con­sult and ICP mbH:

Waste-to-resources wurde gegründet und veranstaltet von Wasteconsult International, Dr. Kühle-Weidemeier


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Pro­gram and regis­tra­ti­on for visi­tors avail­ab­le from Janu­a­ry 2019

Cur­rent infor­ma­ti­on about the con­fe­rence, about ren­ting stand space, about adver­ti­se­ments in the con­fe­rence pro­cee­dings as well as about spon­so­ring pos­si­bi­li­ties (con­fe­rence, excur­si­on) can be found at

Having par­ti­ci­pants from 41 coun­tries in 2017, Was­te-to-Resour­ces con­fir­med its posi­ti­on as world’s lar­gest con­fe­rence on mecha­ni­cal bio­lo­gi­cal tre­at­ment and mate­ri­al reco­very faci­li­ties. For the next event, we are loo­king for pre­sen­ta­ti­ons about all tech­ni­cal, legal and poli­ti­cal topics about tre­at­ment and reco­very of muni­ci­pal solid was­te (MSW) by the­se tech­no­lo­gies. The com­bi­na­ti­on of con­fe­rence and com­mer­ci­al exhi­bi­ti­on will make Was­te-to-Resour­ces 2019 again a prime event for ope­ra­tors, aut­ho­ri­ties, con­sul­tants and tech­no­lo­gy pro­vi­ders. The con­fe­rence will cover topics like:

  • Tar­gets, legal aspec­ts, bounda­ry values
  • More sustai­na­bi­li­ty by mate­ri­al reco­very ins­tead of ener­gy reco­very
  • Ground brea­king was­te tre­at­ment and reco­very tech­no­lo­gies
  • Was­te tre­at­ment tech­no­lo­gies com­pa­red
  • MBT & MRF in dif­fe­rent coun­tries
  • Recy­cling and reu­se of mate­ri­als and devices
  • Func­tio­n­a­li­ty, eco­no­mic effi­ci­en­cy & life cycle balan­ce
  • Expe­ri­ence with new and rebuilt plants
  • New deve­lop­ments in machi­ne and sys­tem engi­nee­ring
  • Anae­ro­bic diges­ti­on of orga­nic was­te frac­tions
  • Ener­gy reco­very by RDF power plants, gasi­fi­ca­ti­on, lique­fac­tion and more
  • Con­di­tio­ning, use and sale of MBT & MRF out­put frac­tions (e.g. RDF, metals)
  • Latest sor­ting tech­no­lo­gies
  • Pro­cess con­trol and ana­ly­tics
  • Emis­si­ons and their tre­at­ment
  • Dis­po­sal of resi­du­es from was­te tre­at­ment
  • Fires in was­te tre­at­ment plants: detec­tion, extin­guis­hing, pre­ven­ti­on, insuran­ce
  • Health and safe­ty in was­te tre­at­ment and recy­cling plants
  • Other inte­res­ting topics of your choice

Was­te-to-Resour­ces has simul­ta­ne­ous trans­la­ti­on in Eng­lish, French and Ger­man. Was­te-to-Resour­ces will be held in Hano­ver (Ger­ma­ny) from the 14th to 16th of May 2019. If you are inte­rested to beco­me an aut­hor at Was­te-to-Resour­ces, plea­se sub­mit the fol­lo­wing infor­ma­ti­on until the 12th of Decem­ber 2018 to

  • Tit­le and qua­li­fied abs­tract (1–2 pages) of the paper (Eng­lish or Ger­man only)
  • Insti­tu­ti­on, Name, address, Pho­ne, FAX and per­so­nal email-address

The selec­tion of the papers and the sym­po­si­um agen­da will be fina­li­sed in Janu­a­ry 2019. The lea­ding aut­hors / pre­sen­ters (one per­son per paper) of the accep­ted papers for oral pre­sen­ta­ti­ons will get free access to the con­fe­rence, which also inclu­des lunch, din­ner and the con­fe­rence pro­cee­dings. Trans­port and accom­mo­da­ti­on have to be self-orga­nis­ed and paid by the aut­hors.

Papers for the con­fe­rence pro­cee­dings have to be in Eng­lish or Ger­man. The Power­Point pre­sen­ta­ti­ons on the con­fe­rence must be in Eng­lish, but due to the simul­ta­ne­ous trans­la­ti­on, the oral pre­sen­ta­ti­on can be held in French or Ger­man as well. Hano­ver has an inter­na­tio­nal air­port and is easy to reach by train, car and air­pla­ne.

For adver­ti­se­ment and endor­se­ment, plea­se con­tact us! For more infor­ma­ti­on about this and the pre­vious events, plea­se visit

We are loo­king for­ward to wel­co­me you to Was­te-to-Resour­ces 2019!

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