Office Equipment

ICP’s head office and bran­ches are sup­plied with sta­te- of-the-art office equip­ment com­pri­sing modern per­so­nal com­pu­ters, all necessa­ry user soft­ware.

Each work sta­ti­on has inter­net access, e‑mail and is lin­ked via intra­net to all other work­sta­tions and to a com­mon data ser­ver.

CAD-work sta­ti­ons can be plot in color up to DIN A0 size. Our digi­ti­zer tablet digi­ti­zes plans of sizes up to DIN A0.

Specialized Software

Latest Auto­CAD edi­ti­on with spe­cial add-on sof­wa­re for 3 D land­s­cape model­ling (B&B)


Hydro­lo­gic Eva­lua­ti­on of Land­fill Per­for­mance (HELP) of US-EPA

„GGU“ for gra­phi­cal por­tra­y­al of dril­ling pro­files, ram soun­d­ing pro­files and well design

Mis­cella­nious labo­ra­to­ry eva­lua­ti­on soft­ware, some are inhouse deve­lop­ments

Sta­bi­li­ty con­si­de­ra­ti­on soft­ware IDAT, PLA­XIS

Sett­le­ment cal­cu­la­ti­on: Nemet­schek Allp­lus, PLA­XIS

She­ar fai­li­ure cal­cu­la­ti­on: Nemet­schek Allp­lus

Sewa­ge sys­tem data bank: PIPEX

Land­fill gas and sett­le­ment pro­gno­sis (inhouse deve­lop­ment)

Mass flow model­ling: CoTAM, Pol­lu­te

Ground water flow model­ling: ASM, Mod­FLOW

Pump test eva­lua­ti­on (inhouse deve­lop­ment)

Com­pu­ter aided risk assess­ment for con­ta­mi­na­ted sites: GEFA 3.0

Lab and Field Equipment (Soil Mechanics, — Chemistry and — Mechanics)

Per­me­abli­ty test stands (expe­ri­ments in accordance with DIN 18130 ZY — ES — ST — 3 / DIN 18130 TX — DE — ST — SB — 1), deter­mi­na­ti­on of water inta­ke in the case of swel­ling mate­ri­als

Per­mea­bi­li­ty test stands for high pres­su­re from above and below (back pres­su­re), self- con­struc­tion, deter­mi­na­ti­on of flux in accordance to ASRM D 5887 / CUR 49

Lar­ge sca­le per­mea­bi­li­ty test stand (53 cm in dia­me­ter) to deter­mi­ne the per­mea­bi­li­ty of over­lap­ping geo­tex­ti­les like GCLs (geo­syn­the­tic clay liners)

Vacu­um­ta­ble and pres­su­re disc extrac­tor to deter­mi­ne the usable soil water and air capa­ci­ty (DIN ISO 11274)
Methy­le­ne blue — titra­ti­on stand for the deter­mi­na­ti­on of the con­tent of swell­ab­le clay mine­rals (VPG 69) and mul­ti­com­po­nent soils.

ENS­LIN/­N­EFF- Appa­ra­tu­ses to deter­mi­ne water upt­ake (DIN 18132 — A) and unit for water upt­ake of ben­to­ni­tes (in accordance with Dieng)

Tri­al test stand to car­ry out com­pres­si­on tests (Oedo­me­ter test )(DIN 18135 — K 7120 ‑RS)

Equip­ment to car­ry out she­ar strength tests (DIN 18137 — DSR), shea­ring are of 100 cm². Add on for litt­le super­im­po­sed load 10 kN/m² upwards

Tri­al test stand for deter­mi­na­ti­on of the CBR (Cali­for­nia Bea­ring Ratio) to deter­mi­ne bea­ring capa­ci­ty (ASTM D 1883 / SN 670 320b)
Hea­vy ram sound on auto­mo­ti­ve car­ria­ge (Geo­tool) for ram soun­d­ing (DPH, DPM, DIN 4094) and small sca­le dril­ling (DIN 4021)

Soun­d­ing tool for small sca­le dril­ling, Boring sta­kes 22/32 mm, ram sounds 40 to 80 mm (Maki­ta HM1400-elec­tro­nic ham­mer) inclu­ding elec­tri­ci­ty gene­ra­tor

Core dril­ling tools for solid rock sam­pling and sam­pling von con­struc­tion mate­ri­al

Equip­ment for ground water sam­pling, inclu­ding a pump (MP1), make Grund­foss

Device for sub­sur­face air sam­pling

Mul­ti-Gas­me­ter META for sub­sur­face air and land­fill gas: (oxy­gen, car­bon dioxi­de, metha­ne and Sauer­stoff, Koh­len­di­oxid, Methan, hydro­gen sul­fi­de)

Elec­tro­op­ti­cal sur­vey­ing and map­ping device (Zeiss- Tachy­me­ter), Level­ling device, hand­held GPS

Ful­ly equip­ped mobi­le soil lab con­tai­ner with pro­ject rele­vant lab and field equip­ment.